Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Heartwarming Story

This is the story of Sam, the leaf bug. Sam was your average leaf bug. He had a wife and 20 kids that still lived at home. One cloudy morn, he was out looking for something to feed his brood with. (Did I mention his wife had just laid 10 more eggs?) In his foraging, he happened on something that felt strange to him. He'd never been on a surface this shiny or blue.


He got sidetracked in his quest for food and was happily minding his own business checking out the strange thing. A couple silly girls came outside much too perky for that early on a Saturday morning and were looking at him and talking and trying to take his picture. He felt like a celebrity as he tried to run away from the paparazzi. But they persisted and continued to take his picture.



Eventually they grew bored and as they left, he felt the surface under him shake as he heard a thud. Then underneath his feet started to vibrate and they were moving faster and faster. He got scared and hung on for dear life. He was confused by all the strange sights and smells. Where was his family? Where was his home? Who would feed his dear babies and wife? He held on as tight as he could praying to be returned to his home.

Meanwhile back at the Leaf Bug home, Mrs. Sam Leaf Bug was dealing with 20 cranky and hungry kids. She finally sent the oldest out to find Sam and see how soon the food would be coming. The oldest returned with startling news - Sam Leaf Bug had disappeared. The family worried and fretted for a while and finally called the Leaf Bug Missing Persons hot line. They were told that Sam needed to be missing for at least 24 hours before they could start a search. Mrs. Sam was quite distraught as she was sure something terrible had happened.

Poor Sam. He was so scared as the wind whipped by him faster and faster. Then miraculously, things slowed down and he peeked out. Why, they were at a Chick-fil-a! He'd heard humans talking about it. He started to crawl around to investigate. Those silly girls were under him laughing and giggling as he walked on the transparent surface. Why must these humans take pictures of his underside? Horrible! He felt so violated!




Pretty soon, he heard the silly girl talking and saw her arm reach out. He got closer to investigate the new person leaning in to talk to the giggling girl. He heard her mention his presence and the girl inside seemed scared of him. How could anyone be scared of a small thing like him?

Well pretty soon they started to go faster and faster. By this time, poor Sam was on the very top of the strange thing and holding on for all he was worth. Finally, everything stopped again, and it was quiet. The two silly girls walked away. He started checking out his new surroundings - where could he be? How was his family?

Then suddenly the two silly girls reappeared with two little girls - laughing and pointing at Sam. The little girls were enthralled by his presence. He did think they were pretty cute, but they made him nervous. Then all was quiet for a while. He made himself comfortable and waited - hoping this strange beast would take him back home.

Poor Mrs. Sam was so worried. It'd been HOURS since she sent Sam out for some food for the babies. The Bug CSI was still refusing to do anything, and she was sure something awful had happened to him.

Finally, Sam heard the two girls come out again. He was excited to see them this time - although he was pretty sure they did not see him. The big beast started moving again. By now, he had learned to hide himself in the front grate - he was protected from the wind and could hold on better. The beast stopped. Was he home? He poked his head out and the girls saw him! No, he wasn't home, but he heard them exclaim about his presence. They went into a big building and then finally came out again. They looked and saw he was still there.

They got in the beast again, and away they went. He remained protected from the wind and held on. Pretty soon the beast stopped again. The girls got out and checked on him. He poked his head out. He was HOME!!! He was so happy! After the girls left, he leapt off and went home to Mrs. Sam and the babies. They were all so happy to see him! Mrs. Sam cried and cried. The Bug CSI came to see if he had been harmed any. He assured them he had not and that those girls really were quite nice after all.